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There is an occasional moment in life when something happens—you do something, meet someone, go somewhere—and your life is forever changed. Your perspective on everything is different. You can’t explain it. You don’t need to. You just know. For me that moment was Burning Man and the story of Victoria Phoenix is rooted in my five year epic journey of transformation there. 

This debut collection is not only the ultimate expression of my personal healing path, but also the collective expression of the universal shift in consciousness that, as a designer, I’ve been given the gift of tapping into.

Each cape is a sacred blend of color, texture and design—the culmination of which is a unique canvas that can be worn or hung, draped or thrown, slept on or slept under—the ultimate intersection of art decor meets art couture. 

The energy of the capes took on their own vortex from the moment I set foot on the "The Playa". Victoria Phoenix is the tangible and tactile culmination of the bliss, healing and love that I have experienced and have been given the opportunity to share.